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New Young Buck CD

Artist: Young Buck
Title: Buck the World
About the Artist: Young Buck puts out a more real theme in his new album “Buck The World”, Young Buck shows some of his life experience to be slipped in his lyrics. The rapper’s ultimate goal in making this record are to keep it real and to re-ignite the dying […]

Young Buck - Haters

Artist: Young Buck
Title: Haters
About the Artist: Rap Music, Music was always a part of my life from the beginning. I got in the game from just being heard back in the day. I ran into Cash Money and it didn’t happen from there. That was the first established group of people that I met who […]

Young Buck - Sellin Everything

Artist: Young Buck feat. B.G.
Title: Sellin Everything
Album: Buck The World
About the Artist:Young Buck (born David Darnell Brown) was born March 15, 1981. He refers to his style as “Dirty South rap,” as he is from Nashville, Tennessee. Despite his non-commercial image, he has had large success in sales.