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Artist: Lil Flip
Title: Hustle For The Same Thing
About the Artist: Rarely has a rap artist entered the global game with more superstar potential than the hip-hop pride of Houston, Texas, Lil’ Flip (aka “the Leprechaun,” aka “the Dirty South’s Undisputed Freestyle King”). Spearheaded by the hot lead single “The Way We Ball,” Undaground Legend , […]

Lil Flip - On Da Block


Artist: Lil Flip
Title: On Da Block
About the Artist:Lil’ Flip (born Wesley Weston, Jr. on March 3, 1981 in Houston, Texas) is an American rapper. Lil’ Flip is known for his unique freestyling style and for becoming one of the first Houston rap artists to become mainstream and nationally known. Lil’ Flip was given the title […]