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Slim Thug - I Run

Artist: Slim Thug
Title: I Run
About the Artist: According to, Lupe Fiasco’s latest video “Hip Hop Saved My Life” was based on Slim Thugs life story. “It is based on Slim Thug,” Lupe revealed. You can check out more about Slim Thug on this page Slim Thug. You also need to check out his myspace […]

Artist: Paul Wall feat. Webbie & Mouse
Title: Bizzy Body
About the Artist: Paul Slayton is Paul’s real last name. Some are surprised to hear that Paul went to college and received a degree in mass comunication from the University of Houston. He is part of Swishahouse Records where he collaborates with other artists from that label.

T.I. - Paper Trail

Artist: T.I.
Album: Paper Trail
About the Album: This is T.I.’s sixth album relesed on September 30th. The title came from the fact that he had wrote the lyrics down on paper. He wanted to spend more time on this album then he had done in the previous albums.
You may have heard his song “No Matter What” […]