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Akon - Struggle Everyday

Artist: Akon
Title: Struggle Everyday
About the Artist: Akon, born as, Aliaune Daye Thiam was born in Senegal and eventually moved to the USA in fact, New Jersey. Akon loved singing, but found himself falling into the criminal way of life and soon found himself doing time. While sitting in jail he worked on his music to […]

BG - Make Em Mad

Artist: BG
Title: Make Em Mad
About the Artist: B.G. started his career off as one of the members of Cash Money Millionaires. The twenty-year old B.G. (Christopher Dorsey) has been rapping since the he was only twelve. Chopper City established B.G. as one of the most prolific are respected voices of Southern hip-hop.

MIMS - This Is Why I’m Hot REMIX

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MIMS - This Is Why I’m Hot

Artist: MIMS
Title: This Is Why I’m Hot
About the Artist: Growing up as a Jamaican-American, MIMS gives credit to his childhood years in Washington Heights, where he always had the Harlem influence around him. MIMS began his career with the DJ equipment that his mother bought him when he was thirteen. Unfortunately, around the same time, […]