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Artist: Usher feat.C-Flow
Title: Pimpin’ Whutu Sayin’
About the Artist: Growing up as a church choir master’s son in Chattanooga, Tennessee, he began singing gospel when he was only six years old. Raised by just his mom, Jonetta Patton, he never had it easy. When they moved to Atlanta in 1990, he was discovered by a record […]

Artist: Fat Joe feat. Trina, Bow Wow and Lil Wayne
Title: Homely
About the Artist: Jose Antonio Cartagena a.k.a. Fat Joe was born in the Bronx and has Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage. He stated off in the New York underground’s hip hop scene. His eighth CD release is coming up this summer and is sure to […]

Artist: Trick Daddy feat. Chamillionaire, Trina & Ja Rule
Title: Bet That
About the Artist: Trick Daddy is a talented rap artist who has released seven solo albums. He has become one of the most widely diverse and recognized voices in hip-hop today. His lyrics help other people understand where some people are in their lives. In […]

Artist: Pretty Ricky
Title: On the Hotline
About the Artist: Pretty Ricky is an American rap and R&B group from Miami, Florida. Four brothers compose this dynamic group: Corey “Slick’em” Mathis, Diamond Blue “Baby Blue” Smith, Spectacular Blue Smith, and Marcus “Pleasure Cooper”. Their debut album, “Bluestars” was released May, 2005. “Late Night Special”, their newest album, […]

Artist: Jim Jones feat. Jay-Z, The Game, Lil’ Wayne, Baby, Clipse, T.I., Diddy & N.Y. Giants
Title: We Fly High (Balllllin’) (REMIX)
About the Artist: Bronx born, but Harlem raised, Jim Jones knew all to well at a very early age what the streets had to offer. While he experienced his share of trouble growing up in […]

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