Richie Rich - Let’s Ride

Richie Rich Picture

Artist: Richie Rich

Title: Let’s Ride

Album: Seasoned Veteran

Lyrics: Here

About the Artist: Richie Rich is the stage name of Richard Serrel, an Oakland, California-based rapper. He had a minor hit on his own (Let’s Ride) in the early 1990s and performed on one version of I Got 5 On It by The Luniz. He is notable for being an early influence on rapper Snoop Dogg, both in vocal style (they both have a laid-back, drawling delivery), and in the naming of their groups - Snoop has stated that 213 (consisting of Snoop, Nate Dogg and Warren G) was inspired by Rich’s 415, named after the area code of Oakland. In Snoop’s own words, “The reason I formed 213 with Warren G and Nate Dogg is because Richie Rich had a group called 415. I was lovin’ his style and voice which I incorporated into my style when I first started rapping.”

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